Acupuncture is a system of healing which has been practiced in China and other Eastern countries for thousands of years. Although often described as a means of pain relief, it is in fact used to treat people with a wide range of illnesses. Its focus is on improving the overall well being of the patient, rather than the isolated treatment of specific symptoms. Al-Shefa has trained acupuncturists who use the unique techniques and diagnostic methods of acupuncture to treat patients ailments.

The treatment involves very fine needles being inserted into the skin to stimulate specific anatomic points called acupoints. It is a medical protocol focused on correcting imbalance of energy in the body. It is used traditionally to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases, as well as, improve the general health of a patient. It extend to wide variety of conditions from emotional disorders (anxiety, depression) to diagnostic complain (nausea vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome). It can sooth the pain caused by injuries or even associated with chronic degenerative diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. It can also be helpful in treating neurological problems like migraines, Parkinson’s disease or rehabilitation strategy for individuals suffering from strokes.

Respiratory conditions including sinusitis, asthma have been relieved in many cases. Gynecology disorders and infertility can also be corrected. It is also proved beneficial for reducing fatigue and for promoting overall well-being.

Acupuncture can be beneficial in that:

  • Performed correctly, it is safe.
  • There are very few side effects.
  • It can be effectively combined with other treatments.
  • It can control some types of pain.
  • It may help patients for whom pain medications are not suitable.