Medical check-ups are intended for anyone wishing to know the overall condition of their health. Whether the goal is to alleviate concerns about genetic inheritance or to check the onset of symptoms that may be related to certain illnesses, check-ups make it possible to detect specific health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, or cholesterol early on. In several cases, these types of diseases are asymptomatic, therefore one of the only reliable ways to detect them is with a yearly check-up starting in one’s forties.

After the age of 50, it is even more advisable to undergo a yearly preventive health check-up, especially if there is no follow-up with a family doctor. 

Medical Check-ups at Al Shefa Polyclinic Includes:
● Cardiovascular Examination – Electrocardiogram when needed.
● Respiratory Examination – Chest X-Ray, Spirometry, Peak Flow Meter.
● Routine Vital Sign Check and Physical Summary.
● VDRL, WIDAL Test, Urine Analysis, Stool Analysis, Hepatitis –A, CBC, ESR, Mantoux Test, Lipid Profile, Renal Function Test and Liver Function Test.
● Blood Tests – Hepatitis B surface antigen (HbSAg), hepatitis C virus (HCV Ab), HIV Ab.
● Visual and Audio Examination.

Your doctor may seek the advice of a specialist in order to confirm or refute certain diagnoses. Following your comprehensive health assessment, our medical team will be able to support the overall management of any condition related to general medicine.

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