Otolaryngology – commonly referred to as Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) – is a surgical subspecialty within medicine that deals with the surgical and medical management of conditions of the head and neck. This includes diseases of the external, middle, and inner ear, the nose, oral cavity, neck, and facial structures.

Our Clinic Offers Many Services to OtolaryngologyENT Patients Including and Not Limited To:
● Hearing Loss Evaluation and Management, Ear Infections, Balance Disorders, Ear Noise (Tinnitus), Ear Wax Removal
● Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute and Chronic Sinusitis, Nose Blockage and Breathing Difficulties, Allergic Rhinitis, Smell Disorders
● Diagnosis and Treatment of Upper Respiration Tract Infections (URTIs), and Related Mouth and Tongue Lesions
● Voice and Speech Problem Related to the Larynx, Multi Discipline Approach to Speech Problems in Collaboration with Premium Speech Services available in the area
● Evaluation of Different Types of Head and Neck Tumors, Diagnosis and Management of Post Traumatic Head and Neck Injuries

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